Ideas for Creative Photo Booth Poses With Your Friends

Photo booths transform moments into memories. Memories are more enjoyable when shared with those that you like. That’s why even if you can take your pictures solo it’s not a bad idea to pose with family and friends. Because it could be the ideal time to snap an entire group photo You should make sure to keep things fresh and interesting. That’s why you should never get bored of creative photo booth poses!

However, sometimes we run out of ideas at the time we need them the most. It’s better to be prepared for the time that this happens. Save this list down on the phone in a note. If you happen to be near an photo booth, you’ll know what to do!

Cool Photo Booth Poses For Lover

A Surprise Kiss No other gesture screams “young love” better than a quick stolen peck on the cheeks — even if there have been years in your relationship! Keep that youthful spark alive!

The Bride Carry – If the booth is large enough, you can pick your bride up and carry her bridal style! Even better, get the lady

Form A Heart Although it’s one of the cheesiest trick within the novel, it’s charming and timeless. Everything romantic is cheesy, however, don’t let that hinder you from enjoying it!

Awesome Photo Booth Poses For the Gentlemen

“Side by Side” If it’s down to you and your best buddy, you can’t go wrong with the shoulder-to-shoulder posture. It’s a sophisticated classic that is a great match for a formal outfit.

Match Weigh-In If you want to go even further is if you’ve got an unhealthy rivalry of any type, you can play the tough guy act to do a head-to-head pose.

Royal Rumble – If you’ve brought the entire crew to the party it is possible to stage an “royal Rumble” fighting with everyone. You’ll get a wild amazing picture with your pals to share with the world. Bonus points are awarded when someone brings out the steel chairs and ladders.

Super Cool Photo Booth Poses For the Ladies

Charlie’s Angels – If you’re a trio of sisters and you’re a mother of three, you should pass up on the chance to pose as Charlie’s Angels. You can have it taken sexy, wacky, corny or beautiful and it’ll be a wonderful memory on a photo.

Hairs Up! – While the photograph is still of people, that doesn’t mean you should not include motion. If you’re next with ladies in front in the photo booth, flip your hairs up on the countdown!

KawaiiKawaii – Sometimes you and your friends are in a mood to look cute. If that happens, you can never go wrong with looking like an K-pop band. Here’s a list of the top 10 poses Asian girls do every time!

Cool Photo Booth Poses For Everyone in the Family

Roller Coaster The photo does not have to move to show action. Sometimes, you just have to be the character. Have your friends act out a roller coaster ride together. Make sure to gape your mouth open for a convincing performance!

Happy Birthday! – Hold your glass and say “bottoms up!” You’re here to have fun and celebrate so you must. In other words, if everyone owns a bottle of alcohol in their hand, you might as well take it along to the photo booth with you. Do you think I’m right?

“The Devourer” It’s a framing trick, so work this one with your photographer. Choose a person from your group to be the “devourer”. He’ll place his mouth in front of the camera’s lens and appear like he’s eating what’s before him.

Cool Photo Booth Poses For the Family

Everyone Kiss The Youngest! – It doesn’t matter if everybody’s age is at least 30. If you’re the youngest child in your family, then you know that your baby is the family’s child. That’s why you’ll need a photo that tells it precisely how it’s done!

Huddle around the Parents – Of course, it’s exactly the same for your parents. Whatever height or heavier you grow, they’re still your parents. Your father remains Superman and your mom is still your favorite superhero. Your love for your children as a child is eternal. These are ideas that are captured in stunning photos. Hold your parents’ hands close and kiss their cheeksShow them how much you love your parents!

Carry The Most Heavy Child – Speaking of heavier: Families tend to expand. Sometimes, they become big. It wouldn’t be fun to carry them for photos? Well, make the family effort to carry the heaviest in the family , and then show him off to the camera! He was fifteen pounds once upon a time, too!